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The Saci Perere Art Gallery pop-up, PJ Colemans Electrical Store, March 29 – April 1

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The Saci Perere Gallery takes its name {pronounced [sa’si pere’re]} from a character deep within Brazilian mythology, who like the gallery has the ability to appear and disappear at will. This allows the Saci Gallery to set up at any time, in any location for any length of time. The benefit of this Pop-Up Art Gallery, as it is being orchestrated by the artist’s themselves, will therefore by-pass the middle man commission expense of Gallery owners. The most exciting side of this however is a chance for artists to have the opportunity to exhibit artworks in exciting and possibly unusual locations which in turn for the artists themselves will gain access to wider audiences across the board. The journey begins for The Saci Perere Gallery in Ireland and hopefully will gain momentum over time and reach out to locations in Europe and even further afield.

The Saci Perere’s first ever exhibition is being held in PJ Colemans Electrical Store in central Sligo town, entrance through St Stephens St Carpark.

Billy Moore
Ciaran McHugh
Heidi Wickham
Sophia Murray
Jerusha Vaughan
Amy McGovern
Tom Mullery
Mary Compier
Ian Carty
Rachel Likely
Maria Noonan-McDermot
Tina Brooks
Barra Cassidy
Talie Mau
Elaine Howard
Aileen O’Donnell
Dawn Howard
Wayne O’Connor
Joe Odiboh

The exhibition will be open throughout the whole bank holiday weekend:
Friday 29th March 7pm-9pm
Saturday 30th March 10am-6pm
Sunday 31st March 11am-6pm
Monday 1st April 10am-6pm

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