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Fri 24th May: Sardinia and the Spanish Influence

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Sligo Spanish Society and Amicizia Sligo are pleased to present a talk entitled “Sardinia, and the Spanish influence”, on Friday, May 24th, at 8pm. The presentation will be given by Daniela Lardieri, Sardinian native and Sligo resident, and will take place in the Yeats Building, Sligo.
Sardinia is an island in the Mediterranean sea, between Spain and Italy. It is now part of Italy, but in medieval times the island was controlled by the Kingdom of Aragon, in Spain. Sardinia was effectively Spanish for four hundred years, from the fourteenth century until the seventeen hundreds, and many customs and elements of the language survive in modern Sardinia.
Daniela Lardieri will talk, in English, about the Spanish and Catalan influence on the culture of her home and will explain some of the history of Sardinia. The talk will last approximately one hour, and afterwards we will have a wine reception with a mixture of Spanish and Sardinian wine and food.
This is a joint event between the Sligo Spanish Society and Amicizia, the Sligo Italian Society, so we are expecting a large crowd. All are welcome, admission is €7, or €4 for students or the unemployed.


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