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1st – 30th September: Cléa van der Grijn and Paul Roy at Room @ The Model

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greenispink-70x1001st – 30th September
Room @ The Model, The Mall, Sligo

green is pink is a collaborative exploration and conversation between artists Cléa van der Grijn and Paul Roy.

In 2012, through social media, they discovered a shared interest in the concept that individual perceptions of similar events can greatly differ. People can see the same thing, but as they see it through the lens of their own life experience, the thing (be it imagined or real) has entirely separate interpretations.

Thus, on the 8th January 2013, without having met in over 20 years, green is pink was born.

It was decided that the theme would be to visually express loss using only hand cut sheets of 20 x 15 cm 210grm paper. These images were posted fortnightly for over five months to the other artist who, in return would respond visually to the work whilst adding their own experiences. Both artists posted their work concurrently so as to ensure a purity to the reactions and interpretations.
Through this dialogue the artists began to examine the parallel yet disparate life experiences which lead an artist to create. Yet, in this communication, they found how great the similarities of these experiences are, how they had both shared, however indirectly, moments of profound loss and change.

green is pink is the artists conversation on the nature of loss, viewed from difference perspectives.

For a full manifesto, please visit:

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