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Friday 7th March: David O’Doherty will Try to Fix Everything at the Hawk’s Well

David O'DohertyHaving toured the world last year with the saddest stand-up comedy show in the history of entertainment – (it was about crippling depression that ended with the murder of a mouse) – David O’Doherty is delighted to present/unleash the next episode/never talk about any of that ever again.

“I did a gig in New York in October with Demetri Martin, and I was doing this overwrought stuff about being so sad that one night I cried because Pluto wasn’t a planet anymore, and then he came on and did a bunch of his perfectly crafted jokes, and I thought, I’d really like my next show to be more like that.

So that is what I set out to do. Unfortunately life has a habit of getting in the way of your attempt to write proper jokes, and that is what has happened, but that’s where this show started off.”

“Life is a marathon, not a sprint. But it’s a sort of marathon that you have to sprint. And there are hurdles and weights to lift. And cycling. And archery. Life is basically the Olympics. But at the end you don’t get a medal, you die.”

In the past year David has become the first Irish comedian to have his own Comedy Central Special air in America. He has toured the UK and Ireland, America and Australia. He is currently writing a children’s book about danger.

Tickets for the Hawk’s Well show €18/16conc.are now on sale and can be bought from the Box Office on 071 916 1518 or online at

“He carries on honing his reputation as a true original of the live scene.” The Guardian

 O’Doherty commands attention from start to finish and it’s a pleasure to watch a comedian so comfortable onstage”The Age (Melbourne)

“A wonderful rollercoaster of gentle whimsy which leaves you wanting more – just short of life-changing.” The Skinny

For further information contact Maeve McGowan, Marketing Manager, Hawk’s Well Theatre, Sligo, maeve@hawkswell.com071 916 1518

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