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Saturday 15th March: Ronan Gallagher band play free gig in Rafferty’s

Ronan Gallagher Band

The Ronan Gallagher Band

At fifty five Ronan Gallagher could not be described as a ‘new, young, exciting’ songwriter , but he certainly can be categorised under ‘new and exciting’.

An original songwriter with a keen eye for wonderfully visual and evocative lyrics and an ear for a great melody, Gallagher is as much a storyteller as a songwriter.

From ‘Long Gone’, a song written after a chance encounter with a young man in Dromod station who was emigrating to Australia, to the sad and beautifully poignant story of loss in ‘Twenty Orbits Round The Sun’ co written with Charlie McGettigan or the wonderfully uplifting chorus of ‘Take My Hand’ to the heartbreaking pathos of ‘Her New Best Friends’ a song about addiction, Gallagher’s songs are often stories about love and loss, happiness and pain, the bright and dark sides of everyday life that sometimes hit us as we live our lives.
Listen to Long Gone here.

Whatever way one wishes to describe him, one thing is true, his lyrics come from the heart and his music from the soul.

With a new take on Country Folk Americana Irish Blues, this five piece band are embarking on a journey to bring their unique sound to the music lovers of Ireland. For fans of Johnny Cash, Mumford & Sons & Kris Kristofferson, The Ronan Gallagher Band play wonderfully crafted original material.
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